We measure our success by the feedback we receive from our customers.

"PianoCal has changed my life"

The mere fact it has taken me this long to write back should be a sign of how much PianoCal has changed my life. I spend countless LESS hours on email, doing records, on the phone, the list goes on. Simply put, my time is better spent servicing pianos and being with family. PianoCal has allowed me the time to do more of both and I couldn't be happier or less stressed. Life is good.

"Intuitive and easy"

PianoCal is an essential tool in the 21st century piano technician’s toolkit. With its intuitive and easy to use interface, it vastly improves customer relations and streamlines the scheduling process.

PianoCal not only increases productivity and profits, but makes piano service an enjoyable experience for the technician who uses it.

"It is much more efficient"

I just wanted to let you know that I *really* like your new scheduling programme to set time and day for tuning our piano. It is so much more efficient than the former "phone tag" system. I get your email, go to your link and view available dates. I check with my calendar, check with my wife, make up my mind and enter my desired date. No fuss, no muss: my piano just gets tuned as easily as possible.

"PianoCal has cut travel costs by 35%"

Since I have PianoCal I know at the very instant which piano(s) of which customer I am going to service. I know the history of the piano and won’t forget to do the things (for instance extra voicing or a repair) I made notes about during the last tuning. PianoCal calculates for me the extra time needed in scheduling extra services. And I love that I have all information about all my customers at hand – because it’s “in the cloud” – it’s everywhere and easily accessible. If I have to phone a customer, I don’t have to find the printed list with names and search for a phone number. I have it right away!

In a glance you see what your day will be like: not only which tunings or appointments you have, but with the maps you also see driving times and routes.

My handwriting is terrible. My employees can now read the notes I make about the piano, about extra work or changes in address, phone numbers, etc.

I recommend PianoCal to every piano technician who loves to work on pianos but hates to manage his/her scheduling. I can’t think of another software service that delivers so much, and saves me so much money: PianoCal has cut travel costs by 35% and saves me at least an hour a day of completely wasted time!

"I’m very glad I decided to switch"

Over a forty year period, I’ve used scraps of paper and day-planners. I’ve managed a large piano service business with binders and paper systems. Then, using Excel for several years, we created numerous work-arounds to make it usable. And in recent years, it’s become more and more difficult to just reach clients and book appointments efficiently. I kept searching for a new setup I could live with.

PianoCal has changed all that! At first, I was inwardly groaning at the thought of changing. But now I’m very glad I decided to check it out and switch over. I was surprised. I’m saving plenty of time due to the noticeable improvements in routing. No more wasted time on the road! Having now used it for quite a while, I’m finding that keeping accurate records for my clients is a cinch, and the ebooking feature is the most innovative of its kind on the market: my clients can truly book themselves into optimized routes.

I highly recommend PianoCal and have nothing but high praise for PianoCal's team of programmers, which has developed a truly intuitive and ahead-of-the-curve calendar that saves me time and money. Hey, my two favorite resources!

"Customers enjoy having several calendar choices"

I love hearing a ding on my iPhone when a customer schedules an appointment. My web site has a form for new customers to request appointments. I reply with a simple email linking them to my calendar, and PianoCal guides them to appointment times based on their location. (The reminders I send to repeat customers already have a link to my calendar.) Customers enjoy having several calendar choices available to them. They like using PianoCal, and I do, too.

The geolocation feature makes me efficient to the point where I often have time for an extra appointment. When I am booked farther from home, it schedules others along that route. Appointments are closer together with less downtime in between.

Customers can choose what services they want, and PianoCal builds the time into my day. I have never been that good at upselling cleaning or voicing because it would involve setting up another appointment or mess up my schedule. When my customers choose it themselves, PianoCal adds the time and schedules accordingly. These add-on services brought in $105 in October, $180 in November, and $340 in December, more than covering the cost of the system. PianoCal is an unexpected (and brilliant!) contribution to our trade that definitely makes my business easier to run and increases my income.

"PianoCal reduces carbon emissions"

Sometimes a new product promises to increase efficiency and profits as well as reduce our carbon footprints. These are rarely, but not always, mutually exclusive goals. PianoCal brings together geolocation, smart algorithms, and mobile devices to reduce travel time, reduce fuel usage — and thereby reduce carbon emissions. I'm seeing reports of fuel reductions of up to 40% with PianoCal's geolocation capabilities. With our world heating up, we desperately need dramatic reductions like this (40%!) in our carbon footprints. It's simply a superb example of how a traveling technician can simultaneously increase profits and decrease her carbon footprint!

I teach computer science students about some of the technologies behind PianoCal: shortest path algorithms, mobile devices, and great user interfaces. It is tremendously exciting to see those pieces come together in a real world product that not only benefits the technician (reduced costs, increased profits) but also benefits the planet. What an inspiration! Bravo!

"Fast, simple, and convenient"

Booking with PianoCal could not have been easier. The e-mail booking invitation took me with a single click to the booking system, where I could simply select the services I needed, and click on the calendar to choose the time that suited me and my church's schedule best. I loved that I could see all the available options and make a decision without the pressure of comparing calendars and discussing options while on the phone. Plus, I could do it at a time that was convenient for me, not when the phone happened to ring.

The record also allowed me to see exactly when each one of our three pianos was last serviced, and the service schedule for each.

The e-mail confirmation made informing the church staff of the booking easy too. Not only am I impressed with the ease of using PianoCal, it also feels great to know that my technician is doing all he can to keep his own costs of travel and down-time to a minimum! I wish booking all my appointments was this fast, simple, and convenient.

"I was really impressed with the quick and easy flow"

I would just like to take a couple minutes of your time today to give you some feedback on your new online booking system.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an automated message within my Inbox the other day. PIANOcal was reminding me to book my next tuning. In the past you have always serviced my baby grand with care and expertise, but occasionally, we both got caught up in 'telephone tag'. I was really impressed with the quick and easy flow of this on-line booking system. Within a couple minutes, I had chosen my own day and time and received a confirmation. I wasn't subject to long distance charges, as I was in the past when I would call the office directly, and I didn't have to wait for a reply when the time suited one.

I can see that this new system should allow busy people another quick and painless way to schedule their tuning and get confirmation quickly. Top drawer!! This could just be what the doctor ordered for busy people, and those that now do most things on-line in their lives.

Kudos to your new system Mark, and good luck into the future.

"It has dramatically boosted my bottom line"

PianoCal has transformed my scheduling. My secretary loves it! Geo-locating appointments is so easy now, I can get more done in less time which in turn gets me home earlier at the end of the day if that’s what I want, or lets me add an additional appointment to a regular day. Either way I win! We craftspeople tend to underestimate the cost of downtime; PianoCal has cut my travel costs alone by a mind-boggling 30% per week and has dramatically boosted my bottom line. I highly recommend it to fellow Piano Techs!

"State of the art service"

We at Knox Waterloo like your service, in particular the self manage appointment. It is quick, easy. I see when was last time the piano was tuned. Thank you for your state of the art service and keep us in "tune."

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