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Product Features

Client Database

Finally, a client database that reflects the real world

PianoCal is a fully-integrated CRM and advanced intelligent calendar designed specifically for the modern piano technician!

From the ground up, we have designed PianoCal's database with the real piano world and the real piano technician in mind. As a result, you can enter clients and pianos exactly as they exist. For example, you can add as many pianos for a client as needed, and even have those pianos located at different addresses. It makes so much sense, that now it's hard to imagine designing it any other way.

With PianoCal's database, a client profile can have:

  • one or multiple contact names
  • one or multiple email addresses for each contact
  • one or multiple phone numbers for each contact
  • one or multiple addresses
  • one or multiple pianos linked with a specific address

You don't have to duplicate client profiles for each piano at the local music school with 30 pianos on different service schedules. You can enter one client and multiple pianos on individual, symmetrical or asymmetrical schedules. Does the piano have two owners with two different family names? Enter and search by multiple names. Multiple phone numbers can be labelled as home, office, or mobile, with extension numbers. Is your client the curator at a local music festival with multiple pianos at multiple locations? PianoCal carefully tracks multiple pianos at multiple locations with one contact person or organizer. This would get ugly with any other database.

The beauty of PianoCal's database is that while rendering the normal scenario (i.e. one owner, one piano, one address) intuitively and intelligently, we allow for the most complex scenarios, all while maintaining for you a logical and simple workflow.

From client profile view, you can:

  • edit all client/address/contact/piano information
  • book an appointment
  • view upcoming appointments
  • send automated email to invite client to book online
  • call client with single tap/click
  • view and maintain a general history
  • view and maintain a call log
  • deactivate or delete client

PianoCal supports the real-life scenarios you encounter in your business, so that you can spend less time worrying about your software and more time servicing your customers.

Intelligent Calendar

The calendar gives you the information you need to book appointments


Intuitive design is the PianoCal hallmark. We have developed an appointment booking system which vastly outperforms your old paper day calendar on all points.

  • colour-coded month view calendar indicates super-optimized (gold), optimized (green), non-optimized (orange), already-booked (pastel blue), and unviable slots (red)
  • shows driving distances (in miles or km) and times, before you select a timeslot
  • allows technician to overlap bookings (with automatic warning)
  • displays proposed appointment as an adjustable, floating green timeslot

When you are booking an appointment, the floating green box represents the proposed booking. It is fully adjustable, and allows you to see everything, including drivetimes and distances, in situ!


After confirming the client's piano and its address, and selecting the service(s), a color-coded month view appears with super-optimized, optimized, non-optimized, and unviable timeslots plainly and simply displayed. After drilling down to the day view, simply tap in the hour or minute column in an optimized slot to create the PianoCal floating green timeslot. After positioning the greenbox precisely where you need it, (with the five-minute increment arrows if necessary), click ok, approve the appointment summary and the booking is complete!


In manual booking mode, PianoCal arms you with loads of useful information: like how many miles/km between calls, how many minutes of travel time, and all this with intuitive colour-coding allowing you to see optimized and super-optimized slots, even in the month view, and all at a quick glance. Nothing could be more simple, more beautiful, or more powerful.

Automated Emails

Automated emails to your clients keep your business moving

More and more business is being conducted by your clients online. In fact, people expect to be able to book everything online from flights and holidays to car repairs and lawn maintenance. Why not their piano service appointments?!

PianoCal has developed an ahead-of-the-curve shortcut around one of your biggest headaches: calling clients. We have automated email connectivity with your clients to reduce and eliminate phonework.

We have a superb integrated system of fully-automated email reminders with eBooking links, automated appointment confirmations, and upcoming appointment reminders. These work together seamlessly to keep return business flowing while drastically reducing no-shows. You and your clients will love it!

Email Type Trigger Description
eBooking Invitation (Service Due) Automated Sent a few weeks* before piano is due for service
eBooking Invitation Manual Sent when technician clicks button in PianoCal
eBooking Invitation Manual Sent when client requests service via client booking widget
Appointment Confirmation Automated Sent when an appointment is booked
Appointment Reminder Automated Sent a few days* before a confirmed appointment

*The number of emails and the intervals at which they are to be sent can be defined in settings.

Online Bookings

Make online bookings simple for your clients

The online booking workflow is one of the most innovative components of PianoCal. Our technicians report literally 99% piano owner satisfaction with online bookings. The wizard-style workflow walks them through the steps quickly and easily. It runs on any mobile device or computer, making it possible even for busy customers to get back to you. But it's better than that: They actually book themselves into your calendar.

So how are we able to ensure you are able to complete the appointment at the specified time, if the client books the appointment? When you know the answer, you will know why we call PianoCal the "intelligent calendar." You set up your working schedule, including any holidays and away periods, and PianoCal does the rest. The software calculates how much time you need to drive between appointments, factors in buffer time (which you can set), and only presents options to the client that work for you! By the time a client chooses a calendar slot in the online wizard, PianoCal has already done the hard work. When you receive the appointment confirmation notice, you can be sure the booked appointment takes place during your work day and fits into your schedule. It's truly amazing.

Every timeslot presented to the client fits into your schedule

Booking with PianoCal could not have been easier. The e-mail booking invitation took me with a single click to the booking system, where I could simply select the services I needed, and click on the calendar to choose the time that suited me and my church's schedule best. I loved that I could see all the available options and make a decision without the pressure of comparing calendars and discussing options while on the phone. - Heidi Gallas, Music Director

Website Integration

Facebook integration: Book Now launches client booking widget

Many piano technicians already have an existing website and a social media presence. PianoCal allows you to leverage your web presence and turn it into new clients and new business! The client booking widget allows any new client to sign up with you, and lets existing clients book appointments online with you. This self-service capability both saves you time and empowers your clients to act when they are ready.

How does it work? You receive a unique link (URL) that you can share with your clients and to which you can link from your website.

Your unique client widget link will look something like this:

You can still get more creative. You can share the link on social media. Your followers might even share the link with their friends, who can then also sign up with you.

Each new client is places in a queue for your review, which is displayed prominently on the PianoCal home screen until you either Approve or Decline the client.

3 Simple steps to get you started with PianoCal

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